Forex database server

For a convenient manipulation of large amounts of historical forex data we have developed special software – the Forex database server (FDBS). It operates large amount of quotes presented in proprietary format (uses .ndbf extension). Forex database server can be used to carry out following operations:

  • Merging regular updates to cumulative historical database
  • Time zone transformation
  • Export data from internal format to several formats ready for import in one of popular analytic software.

FDBS supports exporting in:

  • Generic ASCII (OHLC, “,” as field separator, “/” as date separator, “:” as time separator)
  • NinjaTrader 8 compatible ASCII
  • MetaQuotes Metatrader 4 compatible ASCII
  • Omega Research compatible ASCII
  • Equis Metastock compatible ASCII

Note: FDBS Software is compatible with the following versions of operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 (Workstation / Server)
  • Microsoft Windows XP ( Server 2003)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7 ( Server 2008)
  • Microsoft Windows 10

The FDBS is free of charge and available for download under condition of purchase of our data products. After purchasing customer receives the download link for the data package and the software. All subsequent updates offered in ndbf format only and will be placed under the same link. You can merge it with main product database by using FDBS.

Installing the Forex database server Opening native database file Saving forex database Adding subsequent updates to the main database (Import) Exporting currency quotes to 3rd party fromats


Installing the Forex database server

After data product purchasing customer receives an e-mail from Swreg store that contains a link to data sets and FDBS software.Use this link to download the installer via ftp protocol. Run the installer. For Windows 7 or Vista is recommended to run the installer as administrator. Once launched, follow the instructions.

After installation complete run the application “Forex database server”. You will be asked for the activation key to enable software. To obtain activation key by email you should register your instance of software.So, press Registration button.

Fill out the form below, specify your e-mail that will be used to send you activation key.

Click OK. Note that in the last form field you should specify the path to save the query key. Send the generated query key request to the address to obtain the activation key. The activation key will shortly be sent to your email. Save it to disk.

After receiving activation key:

  1. Run Forex database server. You will be asked for the activation key.
  2. Press   button.
  3. Specify the path where you saved the activation key.
  4. Click OK.

After successful activation the application will run.

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Opening database file

Note.If there is any database already opened close it before open a new one.

  1. Use the "File|Open forex database" menu (or press Cltrl-O hotkey or click on  button) Then the following dialog will be displayed:
  2. Press   button.
  3. Specify the correct path to database which you plan to open.
  4. Uncheck read-only box if needed.
  5. Click OK.

Note. By default any database will be opened in read-only mode (Using this mode significantly speeds up the download but make it impossible to modify file). If you plan any further action relating to data modifications (such as adding automatic update), you need to uncheck the clear read-only box.

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Saving database

To save changes to database use “File|Save forex database“ menu (or press Cltrl-S hotkey or click on  button).

To save your changes under a different database name, use the “File|Save forex database as”.

  1. Press   button.
  2. In the resulting dialog, specify the path and filename for target database.
  3. You also can set a password to encrypt stored data if necessary.
  4. Click OK.

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Adding subsequent updates to the main database (Import)

  1. Open source database in edit mode (read-only checkbox is cleared)
  2. Use the menu “File | Import Data”. (or press Cltrl-I hotkey or click on  button)
  3. In the resulting dialog, specify the path to update. (The “Final Date” field indicates the maximum allowable date for the current license. Changing of the value of this field is usually not required.)
  4. Click Ok to start
  5. Save an updated database

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Exporting currency quotes

To use a currency quotes information from database with a third-party software you can export it (as a whole or a part) into the appropriate format ready to import into third-party applications. Currently supported the following export formats:

  • Forex database (ndbf)
  • Generic ASCII (OHLC, “,” as field separator)
  • Omega Reasearch compartible ASCII
  • Metastock compartible ASCII (Number of records is limited to 65535 value)
  • Metatrader compartible ASCII

To export quotes from database:

  1. Use “File|Export data” menu (or press Cltrl-E hotkey or click on  button)
  2. In the resulting dialog, specify the destination format that will be used for export. (“Data Destination format” filed)
  3. Specify the path to destination file or group. (“Destination path” field). When exporting to .ndbf destination format quotes data are stored in a single database file for all currency pairs. So, you should specify file name with the path. The .ndbf destination format optionally allows set a password to destination file. You can set it if you need.
    When exporting to any other format you should specify the template (“Names template”) that will be used as prefix to generate file names for different currency pairs.
  4. Select a set of symbols (currency pairs) for export (“Options -> Select symbols”).
  5. Set the time scale that will be used to export data.
  6. Set the range of dates of a records that will be exported.
  7. Set the destination time zone (option is not applicable for .ndbf format).
  8. Press OK button to start exporting.

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